Phone Numbers

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Total Number in the Diocese: 688
SICK CARE APOSTOLATE Departements 0491/2515277
ECUMENISM & DIALOGUE Departements 0491/2515277
VOCATION BUREAU Departements 0491/2515277
PUBLIC RELATION OFFICE Departements 0491/2515277
STARS Departements 0491/2515277
DIOCESAN BULLETIN Departements 0491/2515277
CARITAS INDIA Departements 0491/2520395
MEDIA & COMMUNICATION Departements 0491/2520395
PEOPLE'S SERVICE SOCIETY, PALAKKAD Departements Palakkad 0491 / 2520395, 2527784
SAVE A FAMILY PLAN Departements 0491/2520395
SOCIAL ACTION Departements 0491/2520395
CATECHETICAL CENTRE Departements 04912510257 / 2534872
BIBLE APOSTOLATE Departements 0491/2515277
KUDUMBAKOOTTAIMA - കുടുംബകൂട്ടായ്മ Departements 0491/2515277
ALL KERALA CATHOLIC CONGRESS (AKCC) Departements 0491/2515277
SYRO MALABAR VANITHA FORUM Departements 0491/2515277
DALIT CHRISTIANS Departements 0491/2515277
SARADHI - സാരഥി Departements 0491/2515277
TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT Departements 0491/2515277
KERALA CATHOLIC YOUTH MOVEMENT (KCYM) Departements 0491/2515277 / 9744031334
JESUS YOUTH Departements 0491/2515277
KERALA LABOUR MOVEMENT (KLM) Departements 0491/2515277
Kerala Catholic Student League (KCSL) Departements 0491/2515277
Kerala Catholic Student League (KCSL) Departements 0491/2515277
Assisi Dispensaries Kanjikode 0491/2566379
Holy Family Dispensaries Ponnemkode 04924321173
Daya Dispensaries Kottekad 0491/2525060
Mercy Health Centre Dispensaries Palakkad 0491/2254149
Little Flower Dispensaries Pettickal 04924/327665
Mariam Thressia Novitiate Hs. Formation House Mylampully 0491/2832591
Seraphic Novitiate House Formation House Polpully 04923/222028
Dominican Novitiate House Formation House Thenkara 04924/222746
Assisi Formation House Formation House Kanjikode 0491/2566244
Divine Providance House Formation House Chandranager 0491/2571330
St. Mary's Novitiate House Formation House Karimba 04924/205123
Arul Illam CMI Novitiate House Formation House Velamthavalam
Nirmala Matha High School Malampuzha 04912815353
Vijayamatha High School Chittur 04923222465
Mount Carmel High School Jellipara 04924253514
Assisi High School Kanjikode 04912566179
St. Peter High School Kookampalayam 04924204173
Arogyamatha High School Kottathara 04924254228
Lourde Matha High School Mangalam Dam 04922263231
St. Ann's High School Muttikulangara 04912553326
St. Thomas High School Olavakode 04912555920
St. Raphael's High School Palakkad 04912525751
Bharathmatha High School Chandranagar 04912572168
Kanikkamatha High School Palakkad 04912542346
Carmel High School Palakkayam 04924256411
Mary Matha High School Panthalampadam 04922265177
St. Paul's High School Pattambi 04662212624
St. John the Evangelist High School Pothundy 04923/243000
Carmel High School Shoranur 04662220002
St. Dominic's High School Sreekrishnapuram 04662260327
Holy Trinity High School Thriwthamala 04924253254
Cherupushpam High School Vadakkencherry 04922255503
St. Francis High School Elavampadam 04922259860
Bharathmatha Higher Secondary School Chandranager 04912572168
Vijayamatha Higher Secondary School Chittur 04923222465
Assisi Higher Secondary School Kanjikode 04912566179
Arogyamatha Higher Secondary School Kottathara 04924254228
St. Ann's Higher Secondary School Muttikulangara 04912553326
St. Thomas Higher Secondary School Olavakode 04912555920
Kanikkamatha Higher Secondary School Palakkad 0491/2542346
Carmel Higher Secondary School Shoranur 04662220002
St. Dominic's Higher Secondary School Sreekrishnapuram 04662260327
Chrupushpam Higher Secondary School Vadakkencherry 04922255503
Ashadeepam Special School Home For Mentally Challenged Koonathara 09567677818
Jyothinilayam Special School Home For Mentally Challenged Muttikulangara/Maryland 0491/2555625
St. Dominic Special School Home For Mentally Challenged Mannarkkad 04924/224799
Kiran Jyothy Special School Home For Mentally Challenged Paruthikkad 04923/275741
Paduva Rehabltaion Centre Home For Mentally Challenged Paruthikkad 04923/275188
Pratheeksha Special School Home For Mentally Challenged Thathamangalam 04923/227847
St. Thomas Home For Mentally Challenged Kairady 04923245838
Anugraha Bhavan Home For Physically Challenged Chittady 0492/2207322
Santhi Nilayam Hospitals Elipara 04923/235342
St Joseph's Hospital Hospitals Valliyode 04922/255591
St Joseph Hospital Hospitals Mundur 0491/2832323
PCM Medical Hospital Hospitals Kalladikode 04924/240271
Assumption Hospital Hospitals Kanjirapuzha 04924/238226
Ayurpalana Ayurvedic Hospital Hospitals Kannadi 04912528890
St. Peter's Hospital Hospitals Kookumpalayam 049242532531
Mother Josephine Memorial Hospital Hospitals Malampuzha 0491/2815160
St. Joseph's Hospital Mangalam Dam Hospitals Mangalam Dam 04922/263212
Paalana Hospital Hospitals Kannadi 0491/2520901
St Joseph's Ayurvedic Hospital Hospitals Valliyode 04922/256032
St Francis Santhi Hospitals Thathamangalam 04923/227233
Pavithrathma Hospital Hospitals Karakurissy 04924243310
St Jude's LP School Malampuzha 0491/2815188
Lourde Matha LP School Mangalam Dam 04922/263231
St. Xaviers LP School Mangalm Dam 04922/262290
St Dominic's LP School Mannarakkad 9497631652
St Antony LP School Melarkkode 04922/243048
St Ann's LP School Muttikulangara 0491/2553326
St Joseph's LP School Neethipuram 04922/262478
St Mary's LP School Nelliyampathy 04923/246280
St. Ritha LP School Nemara 0492/2244350
St Thomas LP School Olavakode 0492/2555280
St Thomas LP School Olipara 04923/245237