• The Holy Synod of the Syro Malabar Major Archiepiscopal Church, gathered at Mount St. Thomas, Kerala, has canonically elected, having received the Prior Pontifical assent, Fr. Peter Kochupurackal (56) present Judicial Vicar and Chancellor of the Syro Malabar Eparchy of Palghat, to the Office of the Auxiliary Bishop of the Eparchy of Palghat, Kerala. He is being assigned the titular see of Lares. Fr. Peter Kochupurackal was born on 29 May 1964 at Marangoly in the Eparchy of Palai. He joined St. Mary’s Minor Seminary, Kallepully, Palghat in 1981. He had his studies of Philosophy and Theology at St. Joseph’s Pontifical Seminary, Aluva. He was ordained priest on 19 December 1990. He did his MCL at St. Peter’s Pontifical Institute, Bangalore (1993-1995). His Licentiate and Doctoral studies were in Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome (2000-2007). At present he is the Judicial Vicar of Eparchial Tribunal (01.07.2007), Chancellor, Eparchy of Palghat (01.10.2013-), and from 10.12.2016 onward he is the Syncellus for seminarians and consecrated persons.
  • Bishop's House, Palakkad
  • St. Raphael's Cathedral, Palakkad

Technical Training Centres

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Total Number in the Diocese: 20
Place:Name:Belongs To:Phone:Address
Dhoni START Diocese 04912/558129 Dhoni, Palakkad - 678009
Kaithachira Kristhu Jyothi Tailoring Centre UMI 04924/222911 Kaithachira, Mannarkkad - 678582
Kandamangalam Sabthi Bhavan Tailoring Centre DPM 0495/2356316 Kandamangalam, Palakkad - 678583
Karimba Pushpa Tailoring Centre Parish 04924/240248 Karimba, Palakkad - 678597
Koduvayur St. Thomas Technical Training Parish Koduvayur, Palakkad - 678501
Kollengode Holy Family Tailoring Centre CHF 04923/263306 Vattekad, Palakkad - 678506
Malampuzha Holy Family Tailoring Centre CHF 04912/815197 Malampuzha, Palakkad - 678651
Mangalam Dam St. Xavier's Computer Academy Parish 0492/2262290 Mangalam Dam, Palakkad - 678706
Mannarkkad Joythi Computer Centre Parish 04924/222560 Perimpadari, Palakkad - 678762
Mannarkkad St. Dominic's Tailoring Centre OP 04924/222246 Perimpadari, Palakkad - 678762
Palakkad Mercy Type writing CMC 0491/2541112 Pallipuram, Palakkad - 678006
Palakkad Mercy Tailoring Centre CMC 0491/2541112 Pallipuram, Palakkad - 678006
Palakkad Nirmala Tailoring Centre SABS 0491/2525162 Pallipuram, Palakkad - 678006
Palakkad Mercy Computer Centre CMC 0491/2541124 Pallipuram, Palakkad - 678006
Palakkad Seraphic Tailoring Centre FCC 0491/2534939 West Fort, Palakkad - 678001
Pulapatta DDP Tailoring Centre DDP 0466/2275812 Pulapatta, Palakkad - 678632
Pulapatta St. Mary's Vestemetns Tailoring DDP 0466/2275812 Pulapatta, Palakkad - 678632
Thenkara St. Dominic's Tailoring School OP 04924/201591 Thenkara, Palakkad - 678761
Vimalagiri St. Mary's Tailoring Parish 04924/243293 Thachampara, Palakkad 678593
Yakkara St. Martha Vestemetns Tailoring CSM 0491/2528465 Puzhackal, Kannadi - 678701