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Total Number in the Diocese: 674
St. Joseph Priest Home Malampuzha 0491-2815125
St. Mary's ITC Profession Colleges Valliyode 0492/2256240
Divine Fashion Designing School Profession Colleges Chandranagar 0491/2572704
Christophor ITC Profession Colleges Dhoni 0491/2556931
St. Thomas ITC Profession Colleges Kanjirapuzha 0492/4238990, 238291
Ayur Palana Nursing School Profession Colleges Kannadi 0491/2528890
Assumpution Nursing School Profession Colleges Palakkad 0491/2520907
St. Mary's Polytechnic Profession Colleges Valliyode 04922- 256240
Sehion Retreat Centre Retreat Centres Thavalam 04924-253333
Marian Renewal Centre Retreat Centres Dhoni 0491 2004098
Sinai Retreat Centres Mundur 0491-2832366
St. Mary's Minor Seminary Seminary Kallepully 04912535294
MSFS Minor Seminary Seminary Chuvattupadam 0492/2265055
St. Thomas Aspirants House Seminary Kozhinjampara 04923/253226
Lourd Social Centre Social Centre Vadakkencherry 04922/255215
Mercy Condensed Course Social Centre Palakkad 0491/2527537
Anupam Day Care Centre Social Centre Palakkad 0491/2541112
Akshaya Mahila Samajam Social Centre Kaithachira 04924/222911
Olavakode Charitable Society Social Centre Olavakode 0491/2555438
Attappady Social Service Organization Social Centre Pakkulam 04924/253237
St. Raphael’s Charitable Trust Social Centre Palakkad 0491/2534174
Nazarath Bhavan Social Centre Agali 0492/4254274
Elavampadam Vikasana Samithi Social Centre Elavampadam 04922/260146
Mercy Type writing Technical Training Palakkad 0491/2541112
Mercy Tailoring Centre Technical Training Palakkad 0491/2541112
Nirmala Tailoring Centre Technical Training Palakkad 0491/2525162
Mercy Computer Centre Technical Training Palakkad 0491/2541124
Seraphic Tailoring Centre Technical Training Palakkad 0491/2534939
DDP Tailoring Centre Technical Training Pulapatta 0466/2275812
St. Mary's Vestemetns Tailoring Technical Training Pulapatta 0466/2275812
St. Dominic's Tailoring School Technical Training Thenkara 04924/201591
St. Mary's Tailoring Technical Training Vimalagiri 04924/243293
St. Martha Vestemetns Tailoring Technical Training Yakkara 0491/2528465
Joythi Computer Centre Technical Training Mannarkkad 04924/222560
St. Dominic's Tailoring Centre Technical Training Mannarkkad 04924/222246
Sabthi Bhavan Tailoring Centre Technical Training Kandamangalam 0495/2356316
Pushpa Tailoring Centre Technical Training Karimba 04924/240248
St. Thomas Technical Training Technical Training Koduvayur
Holy Family Tailoring Centre Technical Training Kollengode 04923/263306
Holy Family Tailoring Centre Technical Training Malampuzha 04912/815197
St. Xavier's Computer Academy Technical Training Mangalam Dam 0492/2262290
START Technical Training Dhoni 04912/558129
Kristhu Jyothi Tailoring Centre Technical Training Kaithachira 04924/222911
Cherupushpam UP School Vadakkencherry 0492/2256504
Holy Family UP School Alathur 04922/222030
St.Mary UP School Arogyapuram 04922/268211
Vimala Bhavan UP School Chittoor 04924/254364
Vijayamatha UP School Chittur 04923/222465
St. Dominican's UP School Ezhakkad 0491/2847859
St. Joseph UP School Jellipara 04924/253332
Assisi UP School Kanjikode 0491/2566179
Holy Family UP School Kanjirapuzha 04924/238415
St. Francis UP School Karuvappara 04923/273745
Nirmalamatha UP School Malampuzha 0491/2815260
St. Xavier UP School Mangalam Dam 04922/262290
Mary Matha UP School Thachanady 04922/266536
Holy Trinity UP School Thrithwamala 04924/253254
Holy Family UP School Thadukkassery 0491/2840536
St. Dominic's UP School Sreekrishnapuram 0466/2260327
St. Mary UP School Pullissery 04924/222884
KVM UP School Polpully 04923/224265
St.Paul's UP School Pattambi 0466/2214334
St. Thomas UP School Olipara 0492/2345280
St.Joseph's UP School Ottapalam 0466/2245430
St. Raphael UP School Palakkad 0491/2525751
Kanikkamatha UP School Palakkad 04912542346
Bharathamatha UP School Palakkad 0491/2570668
Mt. Carmel UP School Palakkayam 04924/256240
Lourde Matha UP School Mangalam Dam 04922/263231
St. Domenic UP School Mannarkkad 04924/201566
St. Ann UP School Muttikulangara 0491/2553326
Ritha UP School Nemmara 0492/2244350
St. Thomas UP School Olavakode 0491/2555920
St. Francis UP School Vadakkencherry 04922/259860



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