Phone Numbers

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Total Number in the Diocese: 689
St. Agnes Boarding Houses Agali 0492/4254109
St.Angela Bhavan Boarding Houses Chandranagar 0491/2572704
Vijayamatha Boarding Houses Chittur 049233222287
Holy Family Boarding Houses Koduvayur 04923/253840
St. Peter Boarding Houses Kookampalayam 04924/253233
Arogyamatha Boarding Houses Kottathara 04924/254264
St.Theresa Boarding Houses Mannarkkad 0492/4222283
St. Joseph's Boarding Houses Mangalam Dam 04922/263231
St. Dominic's Boarding Houses Mannarkkad 04924/222246
Jyothi Nilayam Boarding Houses Muttikulankara 0491/2555625
Mercy Boarding Houses Palakkad 0491/2542543
Jayamatha Boarding Houses Palakkad 0491/2543557
Shanthi Bhavan Boarding Houses Palakkad 0491/2531041
Sacred Heart Boarding Houses Shoranur 0466/2222215
Divya Karunya Boarding Houses Valliyode 0491/2258279
St. Dominic's Boarding Houses Sreekrishnapuram 0466/2260594
Carmel Boarding Houses Palakkayam 0492/4256240
St. Dominic's Boarding Houses Mannarkkad 04924/224799
Mary Matha Boarding Houses Shoranur 0466/2222614
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Holy Family B.Ed. College Colleges Koduvayur 04923252530
Mercy College Colleges Palakkad, 04912541149
Yuva kshetra, Management Studies Colleges Ezhakkad 04912846426
Sanjo Pharmacy College Colleges Vellapara +91 4922-274220
St.Angela Bhavan Convent Chandranagar 0491/2572704
Divine Providence Convent Pulapatta 0466/2275812
St.Thomas Convent Kairady 04923/245838
Amala Sadan Convent Dhoni 0491/2552448
St.Thomas Convent Olipara 04923/245237
Convent Convent Chittilencherry 04922200062
Claralayam Convent Valliyode 09497201747
Nirmala Nikethan Convent Kottassery 09746849818
Assisi Nivas Convent Arappara 8281696471
Don Daste Bhavan Convent Konikkazhi 9496872590
Anugraha Bhavan Convent Chittady 0492/2207322
Holy Family Convent Kannadi 04912527170
Grace Bhavan Convent Anakkapara 04922203691
Swanthvana Convent Velanthavalam 04923235265
Villa Pax Convent Kannadi 0491/2522005
Divyakarunya Bhavan Convent Valliyode 0492/2258279
Nazarath Convent Muthukad 0491/2536264
Santhom Convent Malampuzha 0491/2815260
Paalana CMC Convent Kannadi 0491/2530380
St. Dominic's Convent Ezhakkad 0491/2847859
Mary Matha Mission Convent Shoranur 0466/2222614
Deivadan Convent Vadakkencherry 04922/257166
St.Francis Convent Karuvappara 04923/273725
Josegiri Convent Ottapalam 0466/2249177
Ursuline Convent Kaithachira 04924/222911
Snehagiri Convent Muthukurussy 04924/207309
Snehagiri Convent Thathamangalam 04923/227847
St.Joseph Convent Mundur 0491/2832246
St.Christina's Convent Kozhinjampara 04923/236223
Shanti Bhavan Convent Kannadi 0491/2531041
S.D.Convent Convent Poonchola 04924/238080
S.D.Convent Convent Kottekkad 0491/2525060
Shanti Nilayam Convent Elipara 04923/235342
St.Pauls Convent Kalladikode 04924/246271
St.Joseph's Convent Valliyode 04922/255491
Assumption Convent Kanjirapuzha 04924/238310
Shanti Bhavan Convent Kandamangalam 04924/231109
St.Thomas Convent Pombra 0466/2269327
St.Thomas Convent Paithala 04922/207310
Sanjo Convent Palakkad 0491/2539520
Nirmal Bhavan Convent Nemmara 04923/243350
Jai Christo Convent Palakkad 0491/2534929
Nazareth Bhavan Convent Agali 0492/4254274
St.Thomas Convent Edathanattukara 04924/266318
Carmel House Convent Irumpakachola. 04924/238432
Mount Mary Convent Jellippara 04924/253332
Sneha Bhavan Convent Jellippara 04924/253336
Carmel Matha Convent Kadambur 0466/2240954
St.Joseph's Convent Karapadam 04924/231535
Cristhu Jyothi Bhavan Convent Karara 04924/209023
St.Mary's Convent Karimba 04924/205123
Carmel Ashram Convent Katambazhipuram 0466/2267226
Mary Matha Convent Kottayi 0492/2286077
St.Peter's Convent Kookkampalayam 04924/253233
St.Paul's Convent Kookkampalayam 04924/204695
Arogyamatha Convent Kottathara 04924/254264
Christhu Raja Convent Kulakattukurussi 0466/2208821
Carmel Mount Convent Lekkidi 0466/2230530
St.Theresa's Convent Mannarkkad 04924/222283
Carmel Bhavan Convent Palakkayam 04924/256240
Kanikkamatha Convent Palakkad 0491/2542338
Mercy Convent Palakkad 0491/2542537
Jayamatha Convent Palakkad 0491/2543557
Mercy Home Convent Palakkad 0491/2541112
Cherupushpalayam Convent Palakkad 0491/2542217
Chavara Sadan Convent Panthalampadam 04922/265028
St.George's Convent Seenkara 04924/253243
Seraphic Convent Palakkad 0491/2534939
Arogyamatha Convent Arogyapuram 04922/268251
St.Clara's Convent Chemmanampathy 04923/277370
Bethlehem Convent Chittady 04922/262334
St.Agnes Convent Elavampadam 04922/261154
Rosary Convent Kinassery 0491/2523329
St.Peter's Convent Mangalam Dam 04922/262231
St.John's Convent Mangalam Dam 04922/262619
Maria Goretti Convent Mankurussy 04923/245369