• The Holy Synod of the Syro Malabar Major Archiepiscopal Church, gathered at Mount St. Thomas, Kerala, has canonically elected, having received the Prior Pontifical assent, Fr. Peter Kochupurackal (56) present Judicial Vicar and Chancellor of the Syro Malabar Eparchy of Palghat, to the Office of the Auxiliary Bishop of the Eparchy of Palghat, Kerala. He is being assigned the titular see of Lares. Fr. Peter Kochupurackal was born on 29 May 1964 at Marangoly in the Eparchy of Palai. He joined St. Mary’s Minor Seminary, Kallepully, Palghat in 1981. He had his studies of Philosophy and Theology at St. Joseph’s Pontifical Seminary, Aluva. He was ordained priest on 19 December 1990. He did his MCL at St. Peter’s Pontifical Institute, Bangalore (1993-1995). His Licentiate and Doctoral studies were in Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome (2000-2007). At present he is the Judicial Vicar of Eparchial Tribunal (01.07.2007), Chancellor, Eparchy of Palghat (01.10.2013-), and from 10.12.2016 onward he is the Syncellus for seminarians and consecrated persons.
  • Bishop's House, Palakkad
  • St. Raphael's Cathedral, Palakkad

Phone Numbers

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Total Number in the Diocese: 693
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St. Agnes Boarding Houses Agali 0492/4254109
St.Angela Bhavan Boarding Houses Chandranagar 0491/2572704
Vijayamatha Boarding Houses Chittur 049233222287
Holy Family Boarding Houses Koduvayur 04923/253840
St. Peter Boarding Houses Kookampalayam 04924/253233
Arogyamatha Boarding Houses Kottathara 04924/254264
St.Theresa Boarding Houses Mannarkkad 0492/4222283
St. Joseph's Boarding Houses Mangalam Dam 04922/263231
St. Dominic's Boarding Houses Mannarkkad 04924/222246
Jyothi Nilayam Boarding Houses Muttikulankara 0491/2555625
Mercy Boarding Houses Palakkad 0491/2542543
Jayamatha Boarding Houses Palakkad 0491/2543557
Shanthi Bhavan Boarding Houses Palakkad 0491/2531041
Sacred Heart Boarding Houses Shoranur 0466/2222215
Divya Karunya Boarding Houses Valliyode 0491/2258279
St. Dominic's Boarding Houses Sreekrishnapuram 0466/2260594
Carmel Boarding Houses Palakkayam 0492/4256240
St. Dominic's Boarding Houses Mannarkkad 04924/224799
Mary Matha Boarding Houses Shoranur 0466/2222614
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Holy Family B.Ed. College Colleges Koduvayur 04923252530
Mercy College Colleges Palakkad, 04912541149
Yuva kshetra, Management Studies Colleges Ezhakkad 04912846426
Sanjo Pharmacy College Colleges Vellapara +91 4922-274220
St.Angela Bhavan Convent Chandranagar 0491/2572704
Divine Providence Convent Pulapatta 0466/2275812
St.Thomas Convent Kairady 04923/245838
Amala Sadan Convent Dhoni 0491/2552448
St.Thomas Convent Olipara 04923/245237
Convent Convent Chittilencherry 04922200062
Claralayam Convent Valliyode 09497201747
Nirmala Nikethan Convent Kottassery 09746849818
Assisi Nivas Convent Arappara 8281696471
Don Daste Bhavan Convent Konikkazhi 9496872590
Anugraha Bhavan Convent Chittady 0492/2207322
Holy Family Convent Kannadi 04912527170
Grace Bhavan Convent Anakkapara 04922203691
Swanthvana Convent Velanthavalam 04923235265
Villa Pax Convent Kannadi 0491/2522005
Divyakarunya Bhavan Convent Valliyode 0492/2258279
Nazarath Convent Muthukad 0491/2536264
Santhom Convent Malampuzha 0491/2815260
Paalana CMC Convent Kannadi 0491/2530380
St. Dominic's Convent Ezhakkad 0491/2847859
Mary Matha Mission Convent Shoranur 0466/2222614
Deivadan Convent Vadakkencherry 04922/257166
St.Francis Convent Karuvappara 04923/273725
Josegiri Convent Ottapalam 0466/2249177
Ursuline Convent Kaithachira 04924/222911
Snehagiri Convent Muthukurussy 04924/207309
Snehagiri Convent Thathamangalam 04923/227847
St.Joseph Convent Mundur 0491/2832246
St.Christina's Convent Kozhinjampara 04923/236223
Shanti Bhavan Convent Kannadi 0491/2531041
S.D.Convent Convent Poonchola 04924/238080
S.D.Convent Convent Kottekkad 0491/2525060
Shanti Nilayam Convent Elipara 04923/235342
St.Pauls Convent Kalladikode 04924/246271
St.Joseph's Convent Valliyode 04922/255491
Assumption Convent Kanjirapuzha 04924/238310
Shanti Bhavan Convent Kandamangalam 04924/231109
St.Thomas Convent Pombra 0466/2269327
St.Thomas Convent Paithala 04922/207310
Sanjo Convent Palakkad 0491/2539520
Nirmal Bhavan Convent Nemmara 04923/243350
Jai Christo Convent Palakkad 0491/2534929
Nazareth Bhavan Convent Agali 0492/4254274
St.Thomas Convent Edathanattukara 04924/266318
Carmel House Convent Irumpakachola. 04924/238432
Mount Mary Convent Jellippara 04924/253332
Sneha Bhavan Convent Jellippara 04924/253336
Carmel Matha Convent Kadambur 0466/2240954
St.Joseph's Convent Karapadam 04924/231535
Cristhu Jyothi Bhavan Convent Karara 04924/209023
St.Mary's Convent Karimba 04924/205123
Carmel Ashram Convent Katambazhipuram 0466/2267226
Mary Matha Convent Kottayi 0492/2286077
St.Peter's Convent Kookkampalayam 04924/253233
St.Paul's Convent Kookkampalayam 04924/204695
Arogyamatha Convent Kottathara 04924/254264
Christhu Raja Convent Kulakattukurussi 0466/2208821
Carmel Mount Convent Lekkidi 0466/2230530
St.Theresa's Convent Mannarkkad 04924/222283
Carmel Bhavan Convent Palakkayam 04924/256240
Kanikkamatha Convent Palakkad 0491/2542338
Mercy Convent Palakkad 0491/2542537
Jayamatha Convent Palakkad 0491/2543557
Mercy Home Convent Palakkad 0491/2541112
Cherupushpalayam Convent Palakkad 0491/2542217
Chavara Sadan Convent Panthalampadam 04922/265028
St.George's Convent Seenkara 04924/253243
Seraphic Convent Palakkad 0491/2534939
Arogyamatha Convent Arogyapuram 04922/268251
St.Clara's Convent Chemmanampathy 04923/277370
Bethlehem Convent Chittady 04922/262334
St.Agnes Convent Elavampadam 04922/261154