Palakkad Cherupushpalayam Children Celebrates Christmas with Vicar General

Cherupushpalayam Children celebrated Christams with Fr. Joseph Chittilapily, the vicar General, Fr. Peter Kochupurakkal, the Chancellor and Fr. Joshy Pulikkottil the Procurator of the Diocese. Fr. Aji Aikkara, the Director and the Secretory to the Bishop  was present to make all the programmes cheerful.

Cherupushpalayam is a Balabhavan managed by the Diocese of Palghat founded by Bishop Joseph Irimpen, the prelate of Palghat diocese. Thousands of children have completed their studies from here. Many of them are from poor, broken or destitute.


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3 Responses

  1. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil. says:

    Very good Shyju Achan.

  2. Fr. Aji Aikkara says:

    Its great Shyjuacha…… Thank you very much father….

  3. Paul Rieger says:

    Father Shyju, you have done a very good work.

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