• Bishop's House, Palakkad
  • St. Raphael's Cathedral, Palakkad

Family Apostolate


Venue: Yuva kshetra, Ezhakkad, Palakkad .
Contact Person: Fr. Director, Family Apostolate Tel: 04912515277, or Mob: +91 98478 38732
Every course starts at Every Monday 9.30 am and ends on the date given at 3.00p.m.
(Parents Class begins at 9.15am on the Last day)
January. 7,8,9,10
February 4,5,6,7
March NO
April 1,2,3,4
May 6,7,8,9
June 3,4,5,6
July 1,2,3,4
August 5,6,7,8
September 2,3,4,5
October 7,8,9,10
November 4,5,6,7
December 2,3,4,5
Inquiry via E-mail:Ā diopgt@gmail.com
* Candidates are requested to bring a passport size photo for the Certificate, and the letter from the Parish Priest
* Please meet your Parish Priest or call the diocesan office for exact dates of the course
Director, Family Apostolate